ULSP Series

WKSP ULSP Series uses a new structural material made of PP/PC/PET and other materials based on the bionic principle of honeycomb. It has the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, green environmental protection, waterproof, moisture-proof, and corrosion resistance. It also can be compounded with different surface materials (such as fiberglass, wood grain board, aluminum board, stainless steel board, marble board, rubber board, etc.). It can replace traditional materials on a larger scale and is widely used in vans, high-speed rail aerospace, yachts, homes, mobile buildings, and other fields.
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Functional Diagram

● Ultra-Light: due to the special honeycomb structure, the density is relatively small, and the weight is extremely light

● Ultra-Strength: ULSP has high corrosion resistance to oils, saltwater, and common used chemicals

● Ultra Strong Compression Resistance: resistant to impact, combining rigidity and flexibility, are able to resist physical stress and damage

● Ultra Heat Resistance: the ULSP series is a glass fiber-reinforced thermoplastic material, with standing a wide temperature range of -40℃ to+80℃

● Waterproof and Moisture-proof: ULSP material has reliable sealing performance without water seepage or leakage, and it does not absorb water even when the surface is damaged