FSP Series

WKSP FSP Series can be bent up to 30°, suitable for various curved surfaces. Whether it is a yacht, balcony, rooftop, RV, or other curved surfaces. The flexibility of the FSP Series can be perfectly adapted to continuously output green energy for your life. 
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Technical Specifications

● Flexibility: the panels have a bending range of up to 30 degrees

● Super Lightweight: the FSP series solar panels are 70% lighter than conventional solar panels

● Thin Profile: the lamination is only 0.1 inches thickness

● Exquisite Details: the panels include pre-drilled holes for quick and secure installation, making them ideal for temporary setups

● Safety Assurance: the products are certified by ISO, RoHS, and CE, prioritizing their quality assurance

● Versatile Applications: the FSP series is adaptable for use in RVs, yachts, balconies, and various scenarios