● Capacity: 1,843Wh, 2,400W AC Output / 4,800W Power Lifting Mode

● Double the power by simply connecting two PTB200s straight out of the box

● Fully charged in 1.8 hrs

● 800W Max. Solar Input

● Smart Control & Easy Monitor in our WKSP App

● Quiet/10ms UPS/High-efficient/Wireless Charging

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Technical Specifications
Functional Diagram

· 【2400W Power Station with True Capacity】Experience the true power of our 2400W/Surge 4800W 1843.2Wh power station now. With its real capacity, it delivers high-powered performance, and meets the demands of various household appliances and devices. Whether you need it for indoor use or outdoor activities, rest assured that this power station offers you stable and reliable power support to keep you going.

· 【Rapid AC Charging - Fully Charged in 2 Hours】1200W Max. AC Input. Unlike other ordinary power stations you see in the market, WKSP’s can be fully charged from AC power in just 1.6 to 2 hours, which is nearly 5 times faster. Say goodbye to long charging times and enjoy the convenience of swift power replenishment whenever you need it.

· 【Durable LiFePO4 Battery Built-In】Our power station is equipped with a high-safety LiFePO4 battery that offers exceptional longevity and energy density. It provides you with the ability to be used and recharged for over 3000 cycles, it ensures long-lasting performance and reliability. Not only does this battery provide an extended lifespan, but it also contributes to reduce the negative environmental impact. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your power station is powered by a durable and eco-friendly LiFePO4 battery.

· 【What's Included】 Your purchase includes 1× 2400 Portable Power Station, 1×AC Charger, 1×Car Charger Cable, 1×Anderson to MC4 Cable, and 1×User Manual. As an official product, we provide a 12-month warranty and top-notch customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Rest easy knowing that you're supported by our commitment to deliver high-quality products and exceptional support.